General issues:
Touchboat LLP (MYRENTBOAT brand), founded in mid-2019 in the UK, optimizes and updates the boat rental industry with a convenient and easy yacht booking platform worldwide. We have created a global digital community platform that is a bit like the apartment booking platform. In total, our startup received about $ 250,000 in seed funding last year and plans to raise another $ 250,000 in 2020. Our customers are located in all corners of the world. Our goal is to make yachting and yacht charter available to everyone who wants to spend their vacation with health benefits and get a lot of bright impressions! Reservations start at just 50 euros per day. The MYRENTBOAT platform is a professional help in yacht search for recreation and adventure around the world. It is a convenient, simple and reliable platform for anyone with any experience in the field of yacht charter. We offer our services to those who want to make their vacation truly unforgettable and full of bright impressions. Here you can find a suitable ship, book and get support for any issue in the field of yacht charter.
Yacht charter for the hotel price? Do you think this is impossible?
Today, we see a sharp optimization of conditions, prices and requirements on the part of charter companies. The goal of the latter is to increase the share of revenue from yacht charter by attracting an additional stream of tenants. Over the past few years, yacht charter prices have become more affordable for consumers. There are programs of tours with single accommodation or more in the circle of those who want to spend time on a yacht and not only. We are sure that our platform will help to find a yacht for tenants and get a lot of impressions from the charter. After all, a yacht is not just a means of transportation, but in the full sense it is a hotel, the cost of which in low season, and in some cases even in high season, can be equal to the cost of the most budget hotels in the resort. Unlike hotel tourists, You can easily change the location and constantly get a lot of new images from the water, not just from the shore.
How register on MYRENTBOAT?
Registration on our site is absolutely free: You can immediately book a yacht and access your personal account automatically by following the step-by-step instructions on our website during the booking process or by simply requesting an offer. You only need to fill in the fields with your trusted contacts and come up with a strong password. Everything is ready! You will receive booking information or an offer with access to your personal account by mail. Or you can log in in advance with just three steps:
  1. Click on the word "registration" in the top header of the menu;
  2. Fill in all the fields and enter accurate information about yourself;
  3. Confirm that you agree to the terms of cooperation by checking the box.
Registration was successful! You get access to your bookings and personal support from us.
Are boats insured?
All yachts that are open for booking on the MYRENTBOAT website are insured against accidents. We independently verify this information. More detailed information is provided in the charter contract that you receive after booking. If you want to read the insurance terms and conditions before booking, please contact our consultant, who will provide you with a detailed answer.
How correctly to choose and book a yacht?
If you have already decided what you need, just enter the location/country or port and the dates for which you want to book the ship. You can also add the type of yacht you need. MYRENTBOAT will quickly provide you with a list of yachts for this period and an informative map with available yachts. Choose the one you like, click book and follow the instructions. If you see on the search page that the yacht that you liked the most is booked, you do not need to despair. Click on the "Get an offer" button and our consultant will find the same yacht for You or offer a yacht that is comparable in size and price.
How long does it take to book?
Booking usually takes a few minutes.
When will I be charged?
When sending a booking request, MYRENTBOAT will ask you to enter your credit card details. 30%-50% of the reservation cost will be charged to Your card only when you confirm the availability of the yacht for the charter period, i.e. when You have already switched to the payment block. Our platform checks the first step of availability when you click the check price button on the search results page. As a rule, if you receive a message that a yacht can be reserved, it means that at this moment the yacht is available and you can book it without paying and we will pay for the reservation immediately. If for some reason the yacht was not available at the time of booking (which is unlikely at the secondary stage of checking availability), our platform will inform you about it. The money will not be debited, and you will also be asked to consider other similar yachts. If the payment was successful, you will receive a confirmation email.
Can I cancel a booking request that is waiting for confirmation? Will I be charged?
You can cancel a booking request waiting for confirmation from the charter company at any time. In this case, you don't pay anything.
How do I know if my booking was accepted or confirmed? What should I do if my booking request is rejected?
At any time, you can log in to your personal account and view the status of the yacht booking request. You also will immediately receive a notification about changing the status of the request to your email (in the process of booking, booked or paid for).
My credit card doesn't work. What should I do?
MYRENTBOAT operates through a reliable European payment system that must accept or reject your booking request, in the latter case this may happen if:
  • Credit card limit exceeded.
  • Not sufficient funds on the card for payment.
  • Card type you entered is not supported by our payment system.
Before paying, you will be sure to see a list of the types of cards that we work with. See also below what types of cards we accept. After receiving an error message for the first two items, we recommend that you contact the Bbnk that provides the services. If you are sure that the card is all right, please call us. We will book the yacht you like for a certain time absolutely free of charge.
What payment methods are accepted on MYRENTBOAT?
We accept payments with Visa and MasterCard. You can also make a bank transfer if the time frame allows us to make/receive it and arrange a ship charter. Payment is made in a single payment or in parts.
Can I make a booking on behalf of a friend or family member?
Booking can be made in the name of any person who will be present on the yacht or issue a power of attorney if You do not plan to be on the yacht. If you have already made a booking, but want to change your name, be sure to contact us so that we can change the terms of the rental agreement by entering the desired name and contact details. Charter operators must check the renter before checking of the ship for an identity card, a working bank card, as well as a driver's license.
What are the cancellation conditions?
Cancellations can be made for several reasons:
  • Meteorological – in this case, the renter will receive back the entire amount or part of the reservation, depending on the conditions of a particular charter company, except for the commission of the MYRENTBOAT site in accordance with the terms and conditions that are posted on our site in the "Terms of use" section.
  • For personal reasons – in this case, the cancellation conditions depend on the terms of the charter companies, which have the right to charge a penalty for canceling the reservation depending on the number of days left before the start of the charter. Check this question directly with our consultant or directly with the charter company, whose contacts will be provided to You after booking or before at your request.
You can always reschedule your rental date to avoid spending money on canceling your reservation. Be sure to inform the consultant in our company in advance.
Can I get the charter company's contact information before booking?
To contact the charter company before booking, you need to make a request, and one of our team members will provide contact details.
What is the difference between booking with or without a captain?
When booking a yacht "with the captain", you get a professional skipper for the entire period of the ship charter. When booking a yacht "without a captain", you take responsibility for the ship. You must also send your marine resume (logbook) and a copy of your current license to confirm your experience in managing a yacht. Only after verification, the charter company will be able to confirm or reject the booking request. You can also apply for "no damages" insurance if the charter company can offer this option.
Can I book only one berth instead of the entire yacht?
In recent years it is widespread a charter one or more cabins, when the tenant plans to rent a catamaran or sailing yacht in the company of other tenants, dividing all expenses equally. MYRENTBOAT company is engaged in the selection of yachts for sea adventures by a family or company. If you want to join the company and book only one berth or more, please contact us, we will find the best offer for you.
Manage your booking:
What documents do I need to take with me on the day of the charter?
On the day of the charter, you need to have it with you: - the document proving the identity, - the bank card used to make the payment, - the license (driver's license, only the original, copies and duplicates are not suitable), if you rent a yacht without a captain.
What is included in the charter price?
Choosing a yacht, carefully read all the information. In the description of the yacht, there are all the options that are included in the cost of a yacht charter. Please note that the price usually does not include fuel, meals, parking at the port, and transfers, which are paid separately. See also the section "What is an A. P. A." below, this is useful information for those who do not have the time or desire to calculate all of the above expenses during the charter period.
Is the captain included in the price?
When booking a yacht, pay attention to the options located under the description of each yacht, where you can check the box "I need a captain". Here is the rate for the day of charter with the captain. Charter companies offer to rent a ship without or with a captain, and its services are included in the list of additional options. See the yacht card options. In some cases, the yacht can only be rented with the captain.
Is fuel included in the price?
Fuel is usually not included in the rental price, unless the landlord is willing to provide such an option. To calculate approximate fuel costs, You can address to our consultant or the operator of the ship.
What is A.P.A?
On luxury yachts, an Advance Provisioning Allowance (APA) is usually offered. It is about 30% of the rental amount and is paid at the time of final settlement. The deposit is intended to cover the operating expenses of the lease, such as fuel, food, captain, cook, drinks, port charges... These funds are transferred to the captain before the start of the charter, so that he can provide the yacht with a refueled fuel tank and purchase everything necessary before your arrival on board. If expenses exceed the amount paid during the charter, the debt must be paid in cash before the end of the charter. Of course, any funds you have deposited and not spent will be returned to you in full.
I rent a boat with a captain, can I manage it the same way?
When booking a yacht with the captain responsible for the ship, he is appointed. With his permission, you can take the wheel to perform navigation maneuvers, or you can steer the boat in his presence, if you have the appropriate driver's license.
On a yacht and not only:
What to take with you on board?
Since the yacht is limited in free space, we do not recommend that you take large suitcases with you, but use a soft bag. As for clothing, the most convenient option is the one in which You are comfortable. Girls should stop wearing high heels on board. If you plan to spend a lot of time on land, be sure to take comfortable shoes for walking. Depending on the time of year and weather conditions, you may need a windbreaker and warm clothing. If you plan to just spend time in the sun, then be sure to take sunscreen and a swimsuit.
What time can I get on board?
The boarding time depends on the yacht and the direction you have chosen. Often it is 5 p.m. local time. If you want an early check-in or a late check-out, you must arrange this in advance with the charter company. As a rule, they provide this service for an additional fee.
How do I find the right port and boat?
Read our blog, as well as articles that are located on the page of each country and port.
What about different gadgets and charging them?
If you plan to bring a phone, tablet, laptop, hair dryer, electric razor and other possible devices that require recharging, we recommend choosing a yacht with an inverter. When the engine is running, it will be able to produce voltage in sockets in 220V. For regular charging, it is more convenient to use a separate generator, which will allow you to charge your devices even when the engine is not running. As a rule, all yachts are equipped with such devices.
Is there a shower on the yacht?
Each yacht is equipped with a shower with hot water. Its reserves must be replenished periodically at the port. The captain must take care of this. Do not use non-environmental products, so as not to spoil the environment.
Will I have Internet?
Wi-Fi router is often included in the price of the yacht, or is available for a fee. Check this point with the charter company or our consultant.
How much fuel should I return the ship with?
Under the terms of the contract, you must return the ship with a full tank of fuel. Otherwise, you will need to pay the cash equivalent and the time it will take to send the ship to the fuel station.
What happens if I don't get the yacht back in time?
In this case, there are penalties that are prescribed in the contract. Follow the rules of the charter company, because if you do not return the yacht at the appointed time, you disrupt the rest of other customers.
Disputable situation:
Who should I contact if a problem occurs?
Depending on the situation, you need to contact the charter company or our support team:
  • If you want to ask questions about the yacht, our consultant will help you.
  • If you have a problem during your vacation, contact the charter company. If you can't get in touch, please call or email us. We will try to solve Your problem as soon as possible.
  • If you have any problems during the booking or cancellation stage, please contact our support team.
How does the deposit work?
The deposit is the amount specified in the rental terms and conditions, which is blocked on Your card for payment in case of damage to the ship during the holiday. The Charter company does not withdraw money from Your card immediately, but only blocks it for a certain time. If there is any situation that has caused damage to the yacht, you must contact the charter company immediately. Together, you can agree on a mutually beneficial way to resolve this problem. If the charter company asks You to reimburse them, they will withdraw the blocked money from your card in the amount that You approved in advance and/or together with an independent expert.
What is the commission on MYRENTBOAT?
The MyRentBoat commission is a percentage of the rate specified on the website when booking a particular ship. The percentage is set by the landlord. When you make a reservation, you will see the final rental price, including the MyRentBoat commission. As a rule, the commission of our company is no more than 10%, which is by far the lowest rate among many well-known agencies with absolutely high quality of service. The amount of our commission depends on the amount of the charter, the results of negotiations with the operator and the final customer. We pride ourselves on never charging absolutely any additional fees. There are no hidden payments in our company. This is important for all parties to know.
How do I get a payment receipt?
You can print out a payment receipt at any time in your personal account in the "My reservations" section or get it from our manager who oversees your order. To change a proforma invoice to a commercial invoice, you need to contact our support team and leave a corresponding request.
Can I pay in installments or make a deposit?
Almost all offers in our company are available for payment in parts. As a rule, the first payment is 30%-50%. The balance is usually paid 30 days before the start of the first day of the yacht charter. In any case, our company is flexible and we can consider other payment options.
Refund terms in case of order cancellation?
All necessary information about the refund in case of order cancellation is written in the contract, the terms of use (see the menu at the bottom of our site), as well as duplicate comments below. We recommend reading it to avoid misunderstandings between the parties. Each cancellation is considered individually. But as a rule it looks like this: Renters can cancel their reservation through our website or our consultant at any time without any cost until the сharter of a particular reservation is confirmed. That is, if the renter has booked a yacht, the reservation is usually valid for about 5 working days and its cancellation is absolutely free. If the booking has already been approved, paid for and confirmed by the сharter company, renters can apply to cancel their booking with the charter company in any case, but by adhering to the following conditions below: MyRentBoat offers a full refund for cancellations made within 24 hours of booking and payment, but no later than 24 hours. In case of cancellation after 24 hours, but up to 7 calendar days after the date of booking and payment, a service fee of 10% of the rental amount will be charged. - If the booking is cancelled 30 days before the date of arrival on the yacht, 50% of the total amount will be refunded. - Cancellations less than 30 days before the arrival date are non-refundable.
How can I leave a review?
After the end of your vacation on the yacht, we will send you a notification that you can leave a review about the ship and its owner. We are grateful for each review, as it increases the chances of other clients to rent the yacht they have been looking for for a long time.
Can I change or delete a review?
You can comment on the review, but only MyRentBoat can delete or change it. If you receive a comment that offends your feelings or contradicts reality, please contact our support. We will solve this problem as soon as possible.
How do I change my password on my account?
In your personal account on the left side of the page, you will find a field for adjusting your password. You can change your password, name, or other information at any time.
I forgot my password / my account is blocked, what should I do?
If you can't log in to your account because you forgot your password, just click on the "Forgot password?". The system will take You to the recovery page, where you will need to enter your email address where the account was registered and send a new password to the specified email. Follow the link in the email and log in to your personal account. If your account is blocked, please contact our support. We will deal with the reasons for blocking and unblock Your account as quickly as possible.